Gordon Smart says ‘I can’t wait to get started’ as host of News UK’s flagship TV show

Gordon Smart, former editor of the Scottish Sun and deputy editor of The Sun, has rejoined News UK for the launch of Rupert Murdoch’s latest foray into TV.

He is to host a major new show – which currently has a working title of ‘Home To Me’ which will stream weekday evenings and be available for download daily from Spring.

In a Tweet revealing the news, he teased: “Bit of news to share today. Sadly I’ve been overlooked for the role of chairman and Vice Chair of Handforth Parish Council.

“I have however, signed up to host a new show on a brand new channel with a team of talented people. Here we go! First guest, Jackie Weaver.”

The panel show will see the 40-year-old become both host and its Executive Producer.

It comes just a few months after he stepped down from hosting a hugely successful show on Radio X and warm wishes from his former colleagues having spent more than six years with the station.

He was previously Editor of The Sun’s Bizarre column having cut his teeth in Edinburgh with Deadline News before joining The Sun’s Bizarre showbiz team in 2004, taking its editorship three years later.

He latest took over the reins at The Scottish Sun before the now departing Alan Muir, and then as deputy of the main edition.

In a media release issued today, he said: “We are putting together a great team of people, in front and behind the camera, to tackle entertainment news in a fresh and exciting way.

“I can’t wait to get started – carrying on where I left off on live radio.”

The full release from News UK can be read here.

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