Blazing Griffin and Vertigo reunite for new ‘You’ve Been Trumped!’ eight-part TV drama

Quite what investigations follow when Donald Trump is finally forced from the White House remains to be seen, but few doubt the trail of wreckage from his stranger than fiction US presidency will be substantial.

Yet one story of those who stood up to the billionaire in a quiet corner of Scotland is to be told, as part of a reimagining of the acclaimed documentary You’ve Been Trumped by Anthony Baxter.

It went on to become the highest rated documentary in website IMDB history, winning a clutch of awards an rave reviews.

Now Vertigo are teaming up with Glasgow-based Blazing Griffin on their first joint venture: You’ve Been Trumped! – the TV series.

The dramatisation tells the extraordinary true story of what happens when everyday Scots take on one of the world’s most powerful families.

The show will be based around when Donald J. Trump decides to build a luxury golf course in the middle of a treasured Scottish nature reserve, locals who live on the land take on the fight to preserve their way of life – and their homes.

Looking ahead to the new work, a promo for the production reads: ‘The stakes couldn’t be higher when the Trump Organisation resort to ruthless and mob-like tactics in an attempt to isolate and discredit the locals while making their homes unliveable.

‘But the locals don’t give up easily, farmer Michael Forbes, and his family’s stoic resistance, make themselves an ever present thorn in the side of the resort with Forbes’ dogged and valiant efforts rewarded by being awarded Scotsman of the Year in 2012 beating the likes of Andy Murray, Billy Connolly and Sir Christopher Hoy.’

Director of the documentary Anthony Baxter said: “As I followed the local heroes of Scotland standing up to Donald Trump in the David vs Goliath of You’ve Been Trumped, fact seemed stranger than fiction. And few writers could possibly have envisaged what would happen next.

“So I’m delighted to be a part of the incredible team turning the extraordinary story of Trump in Scotland into a gripping landmark drama.”

Allan Niblo of Vertigo described the story as “potent”. He said: “I am thrilled to be working with Blazing Griffin and Montrose Pictures on bringing this astonishing and heart-warming true story to a world-wide audience.

“It’s a potent and shocking study of the corrupting and intimidating influence of power versus the sheer indefatigability and single minded spirit of ordinary decent people.

Naysun Alae-Carew of Blazing Griffith added: “After working with Vertigo Films in 2018 on Anna and The Apocalypse, we are really exciting to be working alongside them again.

“This is an important Scottish story with global resonance, and Vertigo are the UK’s best producer of high-end TV so we can’t think of anyone better to be working with to bring Anthony Baxter’s highly acclaimed and incredibly revealing documentary to television.” 

Vertigo aim to assign a writer imminently which will be an eight part drama series.

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