The Weekly News is retired by DC Thomson after 165 years of family-value led stories

It covered the Spanish Flu pandemic, two world conflicts, the Crimean and Boer wars and brought the ‘feel-good factor’ into homes for generations.

But publishers DC Thomson say falling sales mean next month will be the end of an era as The Weekly News rolls-off the presses for the last time.

In doing so, it achieves a magnificent 165 years of printing. But times have changed and in declining print sales markets owners DC Thomson say they made a decision to call time on the old favourite before the current health crisis.


Richard Neville, Head of Newspapers at DC Thomson Media, said: ‘We took the decision to close The Weekly News with a heavy heart but wanted to ensure the final few issues were a celebration of what was a world beating newspaper at its height.

“The team have kept the standards up throughout its life but it was really suited to a non-internet age and its formula has become less relevant in today’s media landscape.’

One last ‘bumper edition’ is promised when it hits the shelves on May 27.

Editor Billy Higgins said: “I’d like to thank all our readers for their loyalty to the newspaper over the years.  Some of our readers have been Weekly News fans since the 1940s, and we are hugely grateful for that.”

He added: “It is pleasing that we have the opportunity to complete our planned goodbye to such an iconic title in the shape of our last four issues each featuring eight pages of Weekly News archive material, telling our story from 1855 to 2020.The-Weekly-News-1952-c-DC-Thomson-Co.Ltd_.-2020-211x300.jpg

“Our last issue will be a special bumper edition, and we look forward to producing that.’

In a media release, the company told how ay the paper’s peak in the 1960s and 70s, The Weekly News sold nearly 1.5 million copies per week.

But they say “operating in a challenged market and with increasing competition from different forms of media, sales of The Weekly News have been in decline for a number of years.”

“The decision to close was taken before the coronavirus crisis struck.”



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