Trinity Mirror launches Glasgow Live

Trinity Mirror has re-entered the hyperlocal market with the soft launch today of

Accompanied by social media links to Twitter and perhaps more notably facebook it will tread the ground digitally previously wrinkled in print by predecessors The Glaswegian, Record PM Glasgow and Glasgow Now.

It follows the launch last month of

Screenshot 2016-04-11 19.41.15Launch content, which appears to have been gathered over the past month or so, includes reviews of music, venues and community news.

It is similar in some ways to the old STV Glasgow sites and apps launched several years ago and also reflects some of the content expected from the likes of the Evening Times, in the process of recruiting a Content editor (Live).

The look and feel of the site is clean, the writing tight as you’d expected of the publisher and comes with a big name advertiser in place.

The design also apes the template of the main site and could readily be rolled out to other areas if required.

Good luck to all involved.

Trinity Mirror reported record online traffic in January of 114.7m.

[Disclosure: Shaun Milne was former editor of STV Local sites including STV Glasgow and Associate News Editor of Record PM and roles for other Trinity Mirror titles]



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