Watching the detectives

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Catching up on some reading after a brief sojourn away, I came across some of Paul Hutcheon’s most recent digging into claims that Police Scotland are among forces to have used intelligence powers to snoop on journalists and their connections.

His recent blog on his series of articles, and suggestion of what those in the trade can do to uncover what information Police Scotland may have on them, should make sober reading for many, and at the very least serve as a shot across the bows of the force.

Nobody would want to stand in the way of progress for a body like Police Scotland as it still wrestles with the changes it has gone through.

Yet there is good and seemingly increasing reason to question some of what has come about since the organisation came into existence, to make folk at least a little uneasy.

And it is journalists, including Hutcheon, who are helping ensure adequate scrutiny is applied.

The subject is a fundamentally important issue for the freedom of the press and media in Scotland and one that deserves as wide an audience as possible while the truth outs.

You can read more at and a related article at BBC Scotland.

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