Is Scotland ready for the mobile editor?

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Mario Garcie wrote a sentence in this recent piece for Poynter which really resonated with me on the continuing transition for news publishers.

The mobile editor is the one person in the newsroom who can guide a story from a Tweet to its potential multimedia possibilities.

The need for today’s editorial teams to have such folk integrated into their line-up is every bit as essential as the roles of an reporter and sub. Maybe even more so given how they can directly help audience and community grow, with the knock on effects for advertising,

Yet how many are there in Scotland?

It seems in the rush to save costs, shore up share prices and ‘modernise’ in other ways that there remains an unreasonable and debilitating reluctance to invest in re-tooling the make up of key new editorial roles, often from those working from budgets designed for print only.

But retraining can only go so far. Sharing resources can only compensate so much. There comes a point when you have to accept the fact that print, broadcast and digital required shared understanding and goals but individual requirements, resourcing and expertise.

So it was another paragraph that stuck out all the more from Garcie’s article.

The Washington Post has had mobile editors since 2009 when it created an integrated, single print/digital newsroom.

Six years ago. Yet I’ll wager there are many senior executives in charge of Scottish news publishers who might not even have heard of the role, far less appreciate their importance.

If no-one else, then perhaps they really should mull on The Rise of the Mobile Editor article in full at this link and ask again, do they have the modern newsroom they think they have?


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