The National gains 2371 new Twitter followers per edition

It doesn’t have a website to speak of yet, the editorial team still busy building and developing its printed product first.

Yet Scotland’s newest newspaper, The National, is already proving a draw for users of Twitter, amassing some 16.6k followers in just seven editions.

That’s an average rate of 2371 new followers per edition or 198 new followers for every one of its so far 84 Tweets.

To put that in some context, the best selling daily in the country is the Scottish Sun, which sits just 4300 followers ahead of the new publication on 21k.

Stablemate The Herald has 28.4k followers,

The nation’s most followed newspaper is The Scotsman with 58.8k followers, closely followed by the title it recently usurped, the Daily Record with 58.2k followers.

The most followed Scottish based news organisation on Twitter remains STV News, with 143k followers, compared with BBC Scotland News on 123k.

Of course it is sales and subscriptions that matter, and early signs there have been encouraging for the new paper as it looks to develop its content, design and delivery.

But on this standing, and given how the pro-independence campaign are already widely regarded as having won the ‘air war’ across digital and social media channels if not the vote during the Scottish referendum, it will be hugely interesting to see how The National will be able to influence and grow online too.

  • DISCLOSURE: The author of this article currently writes for both The Scotsman and The National newspapers, was until recently an editor at STV and is a former reporter and associate news editor of the Daily Record. Any views expressed are his own.


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