How the #IndyRef war was spun: Hashtag used in 5.4 MILLION Tweets

There’s been a raft of experts queueing up these past few days to heap praise on the Yes Campaign for their dominance of social media during the Scottish independence campaign.

Knowing full well they’d lose the hearts and minds of the nation’s Press, Sunday Herald aside, and be outspent, they’ve set about their task with solid hard work and nous.

Grass roots, community based campaigns to intelligence led propaganda have combined to connect on air as well as on the ground.

The Better Together campaign have had successes too, but they have chosen to fight an election style campaign against one based on something more akin to a movement.

But regardless, the real winner on social media, has been the individual.

People have connected with both sides of the debate in a way never seen before in this country and one wonders if we’ll ever see again.

Official stats from @Twitter released tonight show in the past year until today, an astonishing 5.4 MILLION Tweets using the #IndyRef hashtag have been sent in the past year.

As the campaigns picked up the pace, a staggering 2.4 million of those were sent in the last month alone.

Since June 1, the official account of First Minister, @AlexSalmond, saw its follower count grow by 39 per cent to 90,798 followers.

@YesScotland recorded a 100 per cent rise to 91,222 followers.

By contrast @TogetherDarling musters 20,413 followers which is up 66 per cent for the former Chancellor with @UK_Together on 40,008 – up 68 per cent.

But it’s the conversation that provides the greatest insight into this official Twitter data.

The hashtag #VoteYes has been mentioned 670,784 times in the past 30 days.

Compared that with #BetterTogether on 131,345 mentions, #NoThanks with 100,666 mentions and 83,242 of #YesScotland and a potential picture of sentiment begins to emerge.

That will be tested further today and tomorrow when members of the Scottish Youth Parliament via @OfficialSYP are working with @Twitter on the Tweet Up social media project for 16-24 year olds to get out and cast their votes. Follow the hashtag #YourVoteMatters for details.

For a flavour of the wider social media conversation on @Twitter, drop by my page which completes a year of charting Tweets on Polling Day tomorrow.

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