VIDEO: Sunday Herald on saying Yes to #IndyRef

The Sunday Herald’s attitude to the #IndyRef debate and how to cover it has been a creative, inventive breath of fresh air, alongside much fine writing and analysis right across the Scottish media scene as a whole.

Their interactive front page today being a case in point.

This video via The Drum gives a good insight to that.

There have been those who dismiss it as a stunt, a last roll of the commercial dice. I for one applaud them. Whatever the reasons be they political, commercial or a whim, they’ve had the balls to do it and helped ensure plurality of debate.

I’m convinced there are some other editors would have dearly liked to have gone their own way, whichever direction that was, but been bound by commercial and political realities preventing them doing so.

Just as there are those who have come out for No equally as passionately because they genuinely think remaining part of the Union is for the best.

The Scottish media have played a part for both sides. It’s been refreshing, informative and I hope after all the hacking-gate kickings of recent years, helped make journalism relevant again.

But at the end of the day it’s what readers do with their vote on Thursday that really counts now.

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