The final Sunday Newspapers before #IndyRef vote

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Editors and staff will have toiled on their final Sunday editions for today. Days, perhaps even weeks, will have gone into prepping the tone, the images, the commentary.

They will have soaked up political events of the day, cast their minds forwards to next week, discussed with colleagues politicians, publishers and owners.

But when a man is executed in such horrific circumstances as David Haines as you approach deadline, there is, there can be only one decision.

It’s not just the political and military ramifications that follow.

He was a father, brother, friend and son.

While it will be heartbreaking for his kith and kin, the news cycle demands his tragedy be recorded in the headlines and nudge the referendum to the side.

For the best part most editors or senior staff will have retained balance between both. Others will just have missed the deadline given the make up of today’s printing arrangements in Scotland.

They’ll ensure the web, though, will pick up in their place where staffing allows.

Those involved in the heart of the Yes and No campaigns will pause to reflect. Even at the height of this fascinating #IndyRef joust, no-one could help but ponder the anguish of the Haines family.

Yet in this free world, with just days to go, life will go on. Newspapers will tomorrow do justice to both.

And the rest of us will keep on reading.

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