Which Scottish newspapers come out top on Twitter?

Scotland’s Press is blessed with many social media savvy journalists who set the Twittersphere alight with witty banter, cutting questions and breaking stories. But what about the organisations they work for? How do they stack up not just in terms of numbers, but against each other? I thought I’d find out.

Top of the Scottish newspaper Tweeters have more than 40,000 followers. Perhaps surprisingly in 2014, a few didn’t even have an account.

I made a lovely, interactive graphic which shows the league table of Scotland’s newspaper Twitter accounts. Sadly, infogr.am and wordpress.com don’t have a shortcode to show it here in all it’s glory, so instead you will have to click this link if you want to see the results.

I’ve included as many national, regional and evening dailies and Sunday as I could find. If there are any omissions, drop me a note via @milnemedia or in the comments box.


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