Hop aboard The Metro train of thought in new age of stream

Hurrah! Finally a newspaper group realising that their readers just don’t want print or digital or social. They want it all.

“I have a general long-term theory that everything is moving towards streams of content,” David Jensen, head of development at Metro.

When they wake up in the morning, it could be a quick glance at the mobile or laptop in between bites of toast. The commute to work likely the same on trains, tubes and buses.

Most office viewing will involve desktops or laptops, a commute home returns to mobile, and then the evening, some second screen device while the telly is on or work to complete.

And that’s just during the week, not considering how singletons or family types habits changed again at the weekend from seeking the immediate to leisure and pleasure.

So a big round of applause to The Metro for breaking the mould and invoking a common sense approach, not least when we are beginning to see mobile use outstripped by tablet and soon no a surge in smart TV.

You can read about their stream plans being added to the mix at this link from journalism.co.uk.

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