A year of #IndyRef on social media

Some people are bored to death of it already and there’s still the best part of a year to go. Me? I can’t get enough of the Independence Referendum.

It ticks all my boxes. News, politics, strategy, intrigue cunning. A real life West Wing being played out on my doorstep. For those involved at the sharp end, these must be truly exciting times whichever side of the argument they are on.

For me, the conversation and the rhythm of the debate is what intrigues as much as the result. So I’ve set up a wee experiment to try and track it on social media over the course of the year.

It’s not by any means comprehensive, scientific or full proof. But I hope it will give a snapshot over 365 days until September 18, 2014 – polling day.

You can scroll through the Tweets, images and images here on my Rebel Mouse page or in link currently listed in the menu above.

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