New York Times slides Sam Sifton into Snowfaller in Chief role

If I could have the choice of any journalism job in the world, working in the Big Apple on a special unit of the New York Times on Snow Fall type projects would be pretty high up there. At the peak, if you will.

So imagine, then, what it must be like to be Sam Sifton – named as ‘Snowfaller in Chief’ for the NYT. His job, to make this amazingly creative and immersive brand of journalism the standard rather than the exception.

Executive Editor Jill Abramson said:

“His first assignment is to create an immersive digital magazine experience, a lean back read that will include new, multimedia narratives in the tradition of Snow Fall and last weekend’s compelling account of the Arizona fire, as well as some of the best reads published during the previous week. As the new Need to Know project is aimed for quick and periodic dips into the news, the new digital magazine would be a need to read.”

It must be an astonishingly exciting place to be. Read the full story and memo at this link via Capital New York.

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