Broadsheet paper which thinks you need to slim it to win it

I’m a big fan of both the Metro newspaper and the i paper. I liked their boldness in having tried something new – the first by going free, the second with its bite sized news. I like the fact they have apparently lavished time on a kind of design format that improves the reader’s experience.

But I’m a devotee of good newspaper design. I view it as every bit as important as the content. Unlike the web where you can deploy various tricks, traps and temptation, the print product trades only on its stories, reputation and a strong front or back page to lure you in.

Which is why I was intrigued – excited even – to see an idea emerging from the Union Tribune in San Diego.

The broadsheet (which has its critics) has reduced its page width to a streamlined 11 inches in a city where the metro system carries 263,000 passengers each weekday. Arguably easier to hold, manipulate and read.

It made me wonder what effect a pilot of such a radically different design might do for a paper on this side of the pond?

You can view and read more about it at this link via Hold the Front Page.

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