A girl was raped in Glasgow …

A 14-year-old girl was raped on a bus in Glasgow. She was raped by two men upstairs while passengers and a friend of the same age sat in the bottom deck. The driver apparently didn’t know and only kicked the men off some time later because of other their loutish, anti-social behaviour.

Let me repeat this. Two men raped a child on a bus in the middle of Glasgow.

Yet, as far as I can see, only The Scotsman thought this outrage worthy of splashing.

In the editions I saw, The Evening Times, Glasgow’s local evening paper, thought a story about the bedroom tax was more worthy, relegating the crime to a wing off the front here.

The Daily Record also carried it as a bit off the front.

Nobody else did. Not even The Herald, the paper of record for the west, nor the market leader The Scottish Sun. All gave it a mention inside varying between a lead and a nib.

I’ve been away from the frontline of newspapers for a long time now. The rules of reporting and examining a story may differ. But surely not that much.

It’s not my place to tell colleagues in the trade how they should do their job or select a story. That’s not what this piece is about.

I’m just staggered that this incident – regardless of the other obvious social questions and recriminations it will inevitably lead to – hasn’t sparked greater outrage and coverage.

Have we become so numbed to the astonishing rise in sex crimes in the UK that a rape on a bus in Glasgow isn’t worthy of more.

Not even when it involves our children?

I think we have to have a long, hard look at ourselves if this is what Scottish journalism has become.

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