Hack turned flack proves he has bottle to deliver dram good results

ONE thing I’ve always admired about my old pal Craig McGill (but would never tell him) is his unshakable endeavour in all he does.

From his cheeky chappy chirpiness on the busiest news night subbing at the Mirror in Scotland to writing books or reinventing himself as a public relations executive so he could learn from some of the best in the circuit.

Coupled with his self-grown fondness of social media and confident determination to do things his way, Contently Managed was born. In next to no time he was able to boast some very credible accounts.

I’ve heard for myself some of the glowing things his clients say about the workshops he puts on, while his series of Scottish Social Media Dinners seemed to be a huge hit too with those who attended. 

But it’s his latest metamorphosis into video which really stands out for me, showing as it does his trademark humour couple with editorial values and a newly acquired skillset with the camera.

Judge for yourself.

Proof that you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Craig McGill, I salute you Sir.


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