How STV innovations are helping with the magic numbers

THERE is plenty to be talking about with regards to STV

From imminent announcements about the top talent poached to join the ranks of STVLocal rolling out in the coming weeks, to the latest advert for an online journalist based in Edinburgh, or its activities on YouTube and mobile.

But amid all this exciting, inspirational journalism-meets-tech-fest we're currently lapping up, it's perhaps worth casting an eye to something often overlooked in such circumstance.

The company share price.

Off the back of some pretty impressive numbers, the new innovations have helped it nudge the 100.00p mark in recent days. 

Down slightly this evening, it was still a healthy 96.00 from an opening 102.00p

All too often its easy to submerge ourselves in the doom and gloom afflicting parts of the industry.

But perhaps STV, and like it the newly invigorated Herald newspaper, are showing the way with proof that in spite of the obvious challenges and the naysayers, Scotland's media community is far from being dead yet.

In fact, with the right people and the right strategies in place, it just might well be on the cusp of being reborn.

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