Facebook the Movie Is Almost Upon Us. Like It Or Not.

THERE are those who don't like Facebook far less trust it. And maybe they are right. 

My wife so far refuses to use it, and there are friends who still think it's the preserve of computer geeks or saddos.

Maybe they are correct too.

But with the platform now approaching 500 million users, it's place in everyday life and popular culture cannot be questions.

Debates, yes, but sure not now doubted.

A debate which will surely be fuelled further when the forthcoming movie about its creation is finally released around about October time.

You can view a trailer for it above.

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  1. I cannot stand Facebook. If I could choose one social media platform to vanish off the face of the Earth it would be that one, but I have to keep tabs on it for the dayjob. Hmph.

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