Here’s 16.5 Million More Reasons For Newspapers To Invest Online

THE iPad. Stylish, tactile and an industry game changer. There are those who continue to disagree, as is their right, but the iPad is now becoming more of a revolution among news consumers than simply an evolution.

No? Well consider this. 

Newspaper circulations in the UK dropped 21 per cent between 2007 and 2009. In the US it has been worse, 30 per cent, as people increasingly lose the newspaper buying habit.

But expect to see an upturn in the amount of news consumed online – largely off the back of iPads and Apps.

Why? According to analysts quoted by Cnet, the iPad is on course to sell 16.5 million units within two years having already seen three million go around the world in 80 days.

They won't all be for news consumption, but they cannot fail help. Users will demand the right to view their read of choice online rather in print. They will want an App for that, in the same way others will still crave the familiar feel of paper.

But only those who get into the game can benefit, otherwise publishers will continue to see their products becoming ever less popular without the kind of cross pollination the web – and iPad – could ultimately bring.

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