Why New Privacy Vault May Be Just The PlaceBook For Me

I'VE been deliberately late to the geo-location party. It makes me uncomfortable, like self inflicted electronic tagging.

I concede it's a blinkered and no doubt minority view. After all the likes of the all Foursquare is fast approaching one million check-in visitors per day, Gowalla has people like my boss obsessed, BrightKite, the States based Whrrl and Loopt are marching on apace.

Bit I prefer a degree of anonymity. I'm one of those folk who knows which bars to head for when I want to find friends and good chat, or the sawdust on the floor haunts off the beaten track where I can be anonymous and indulge in my own company.

However there is one new launch Stateside which may change all that, called PlaceBook.

It works on the same principles, allowing you to check in and leap over any geo fence you fancy, but for your own benefit more than anyone else's.

CEO/Founder Michael Rubin, in an enjoyable interview with Robert Scoble, talks about creating a private data vault to store this information so you can use it effectively for anything from trip planning, picture organising to weight loss or monitoring your CO2 use.

But he argues that because you decide what to do with it, this personal atlas goes a long way to protecting the elements people like me don't necessarily want to give up.

He said: "Your location information is not just a meta data  on other stuff you do. Your location data is probably the most private personal data you have. It is arguably more private than your medical information, possible more private than your financial information." 

Anyone who reads Robert's own Scobleizer blog or follows his Tweets will know how plugged in he is to geo sites, and he's not afraid to make the point that many people enjoy the sharing that does take place across the globe every minute of every day.

Rubin counters: "Sharing is absolutely essential. I don't want to preclude sharing.

"But you need to understand we're coming into a world where your going to have your location continually broadcast. Devices – your mobile phone – are going to be tracking you continually."

"Privacy is the core here."

You can watch the interview in full here:

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