One Country’s Still Yens For A Daily Newspaper

THE iPAD is leading a revolution in the way we consume news, advances in mobile and the way news sites operate will continue to do so – especially when we all start using our TVs in a much more meaningful fashion to call up pages, receive alerts and interact with others.

So it may be heartening for print journalists to read this piece in the Japanese Times which suggests that more than 90 per cent of people in Japan still read a newspaper.

Better still for the publishers, according to the report which was featured by EJC today, that is consistent with a similar poll two years ago.

So why?

According to this piece last year, Japanese publishers were quick off the mark to ensure that most households receive their newspaper before they stir in the morning via home delivery – and based upon a value for money subscription service.

Very simply, if the customer won't go to them, then why not go to the customer.

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