New home for QND as Iain Hepburn & Craig McGill star on Episode 21

WAY back in November last year Scott Douglas and myself decided to have a proper go at this new fangled podcasting lark that everyone was raving about. 

After all, it's good to talk.

We locked ourselves in a broom cupboard for an hour or so and vented about all things to do with media, PR and technology that tickled our fancy.

It was as much for fun as well as a learning process, but we quickly had all sorts of top notch guests coming on such as Stewart Argo at City of Edinburgh Council, Ewan McIntosh from No Tosh, Stewart Kirkpatrick of the Caledonian Mercury and more.



This week were were thrilled to have both Iain Hepburn, digital editor at the Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail and driving force behind the Scottish Future of News Group, alongside our old chum Craig McGill from Contently Managed.

From my point of view at least, it was one of the most enjoyable yet given I've always enjoyed both their company at the best of times in the past, especially when simply chewing the fat about all pretty much the same topics.

Remarkably despite a few stumbled words, early issues with audio quality and learning on the hoof about ID3 tags and all other manner of technical science, that made it episode number 21 not out for both Scott and myself.

And it has involved a wee tweak of where we live on iTunes as we look to tighten up a few areas at the 'back-end' so we can better engage with the listeners we've somehow managed to convince to keep coming back.

You can subscribe and listen for free here.

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