Journalism – Every Little Helps

"If one of my kids asked about getting into journalism, I'd advise them they'd be better off stacking shelves in Tesco – at least there they might eventually earn a decent wage." – Stephen Breen

A bleak view then of where journalism is heading by Stephen Breen in a crisply written and engaging piece on his Breen Media blog.

And a subject all too rarely raised.

We all talk of content being King as the new integrated multi-media era is ushered in, of how content will be our salvation.

But if the industry is not prepared, or able, to pay and nurture the talent which provides such a vital component, is it then not simply shooting itself in the foot again.

Can it really be too much these days to expect to earn a decent living from what remains a specialised profession – one that increasingly demands up-skilling.

Something to make all those years studying, training and working up through the ranks seem worthwhile.

Have competing newsrooms suddenly lost the desire to upstage each other to the extent they no longer wish to poach star players from others?

Or is it simply the sad fact of life that they are having a hard enough time to protect their current staff, that they simply cannot afford such luxuries?

Journalism is not, and never should be, a simple box ticking exercise.

There has to be a carefully constructed blend of specialists, experience and upcoming talent in the editorial pool.

People who can craft a 1000 word analysis on any given subject at the drop of a hat, someone to dig out an exclusive line, others to do the legwork and learn.

For all the individual greatness a journalist can achieve in his or her career, a good news room requires teamwork.

And good teamwork, as Stephen rightly points out, isn't something you can deliver on the cheap.

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