New Status Magazine launches on schedule

IN December I blogged about how a new digital magazine was
to hit the virtual news shelves in February.

And I’m pleased to report that StatusMagazine has arrived
safely on schedule.

It is aiming primarily at the ABC 1 market and kicks off
heavy on the forthcoming rugby championships.

Having launched some of Scotland’s first digital magazines
back in 2006 with the likes of Setanta Sports, Scottish Power, Planet Hearts
and ecoforyou to name a few, I remain a big fan of the format.

And with the arrival of the new iPad, it can only get more

Status has some sharp looking photography, although from
experience I’d suggest increasing the viewing size of the embedded video.

Other than that’ it’s worth a look, and great to see a
Scottish company launching a new product on a still highly underrated platform.

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  1. That looks like it was done in Flash and if so, it’s just designed itself out of the won’t-run-Flash iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch.
    Beautifully designed and I wish it all the best but the controls aren’t as intuitive as the UI you guys used.

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