Drinking in the Shadow of Giants


PLUNGING temperatures, thick snow, ice caked roads. None of it could compete with the warmth of the best wishes offered to two giants of Scottish journalism last night.

While Prime Minister Gordon Brown reviewed the debris of his day, the cream of Scotland’s political establishment turned out to bid one many farewells to Joe Quinn and Dave King.

Somethings never change.

Dave, trademark cigarette in mouth; Joe, trusty notebook still sticking out his pocket. Journalists, politicians, civil servants and others battling to get to the free bar while it lasted.

From MSPs to special advisors, senior political staff, press officers, editors, news editors, political editors, to media types across the codes, old friends were there in numbers to wish Dave and Joe well.

The turn out at the Canon’s Gait in Edinburgh showed just what high esteem they are held in, people even traveling in from Glasgow despite the imminent suspension of the train service.

Both Dave, now away from the Daily Record, and Joe who departs PA, agreed on what they plan to do next. Take it easy. Enjoy a rest. Take stock on life.

And adapt to looking in from the outside for the first time in their quite legendary careers.

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  1. Really sad not to have been able to make it – two great journalists and absolute gents as well.

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