Stewart Kirkpatrick Project Stirring Up Real Interest

IN THE run up to New Year I predicted Stewart Kirkpatrick's new online venture would be one to watch - which is proving to be just the case.

Following a blog piece on allmediascotland earlier this week, interest has been keen, with people desperate for more detail.

It will – undoubtably – be welcomed by those eager to see from fresh ideas breathed into not just Scottish but UK media.

The unanswered question is, can it work?

Of course the devil will be in the detail, but over the past few months he has made it plain he is not trying to invent the wheel.

He held a meeting with some of those involved just a few weeks ago, and it has been a remarkable feat in itself keeping it under wraps.

But the largely online venture – which he revealed on AMS will have a print element – offers at least hope there can be a success story.

It will be hard to forge, even harder to make work.

Yet it seems already that there is an appetite for it, there seems to be a groundswell of expectancy, all of which will pile on the pressure.

Anyone who knows Stewart, though, will understand that this isn't just an idea plucked from the sky.

He's thought it through, talked it through, then gone back and done it again and again.

It will be a hugely exciting, draining and even terrifying time as anyone who has launched their own newspaper or magazine will know.

But afforded the support and interest of not just friends and colleagues, but all those with an interest in promoting a vibrant publishing industry in Scotland, perhaps a new approach is just the shot in the arm we all need.

What will be interesting to see when it launches in the next few weeks, is just what kind of role it can play in the forthcoming General Election.

It's already the focus of discussion among the political classes.

Could this become a major a battlegound for what will be the first proper election on this side of the Pond to be fought in cyberspace too?

Either way, I look forward to seeing the first edition going live.

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