Editors Looked At Taking The Herald Compact

CHANGES to the design of The Herald newspaper were ushered in a few weeks ago.

The alterations first went live a full day before the paper introduced them in an editorial to its readers. The new look has been both subtle and effective.

It is full of the kind of colour coding that has made both the Sunday Herald printed product and the heraldscotland website so visually appealing, and really helps lift the pages which had been full of grey slabs of text while other titles innovated.

But it seems that much discussion was had on whether it should be made into a compact too like its Sunday sister title, and importantly, rivals at The Scotsman and The Times.

The internal debate was revealed in a accompanying video produced by The Herald team where Richard Walker, editor of the Sunday Herald, explained the new concept and the decision making process behind it.

He does so behind what must be the shiniest black desk ever to grace online video, but still an impressive setting for a bit of in-house PR – the importance of which many media groups can sometimes overlook.

But he said there was an argument that there was a strength in remaining as a broadsheet 'currently' while marrying other newspaper 'language' such as fonts to build further brand recognition and give it a 'more modern' feel.

As for the paper itself, being from Edinburgh, I've always had a soft spot for The Scotsman titles because of my east cost bias.

But I've stated before that I really like the new look website, very much like the new touches to The Herald that have been introduced so far, and hope that they will expand on them as readers get used to the new look and feel.

With a new decade now upon us I'll be curious to see which other titles – if any – look to freshen up the look and feel of their own news pages in the months to come.

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