Sign of the Times – Never on a Sunday

WHEN the newspaper trade in America catches a cold, the fable has it that it will spread to the UK within the following six months or so.

Which makes you wonder if any of the UK publishers are thinking of scrapping its Sunday editions given that’s just what has happened to the Washington Times.

The final weekend edition rolled off its presses last weekend, and while it has a fine online presence, it shows just how hard it is fighting to survive.

It has doubled its cover price, is shedding jobs and is also now experimenting with free distribution in some key target areas to try and offset a loss in year on year circulation of around 14,000.

In November its former editor John Solomon, president Thomas McDevitt and chief finance officer Keith Cooperrider all left as part of the major shake-up too.

Given the state of affairs with some of our papers in the UK – not least here in Scotland – how long before at least one news group doesn’t just scale back its editorial operations, but simply axe a printed Sunday altogether?

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  1. All the arguments about competition from online sources of news, poor content relying on celebrity/lifestyle, etc, etc, hold even more with the Sundays. All those supplements that few of us read, yet grudgingly haul back from the corner shop (assuming we’ve decided to fork out the princely sums charged). Leaner papers, with less padding, more investigative journalism and well-researched and argued opinion from a wider range of commentators would surely be welcomed by the hordes of us who like a break away from the small screen to drink coffee and unfold the paper for a wee while. Oh, and bring back cartoon sections!

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