Witamy to Scotsbarszcz.Com – the new digital magazine already in Pole position

A NEW digital magazine has been launched by my old business partner and friend Gerry Cassidy.  

In what could be the first of its kind to target two different nationalities, page turn publication scotsbarszcz is targeting the Scots/Polish community with issue one already available to view and download for free.

It's also got its own website and has been generously welcomed by the Polish community in Scotland already.

Gerry – never one to do things by halves – recently travelled out to Poland to get a real feel for what his readers would want.Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 08.37.01

He's also been touring events held by the Polish community here in Scotland who all say they have been crying out for just such a title to help celebrate the cultural links which have existed for centuries.

Given that our last company was the first in Scotland to launch magazines in this format, it means the venture already has years of publishing experience, meaning it won't suffer teething problems.

All of which will be of great reassurance to potential sponsors and advertisers, many of whom may have known gerry already from his role as deputy features editor at the Daily Record where he was in charge of some of the best grossing supplements in the UK.

Issue one features Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill and stories from across the country as far afield as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

A related Facebook Group has also already attracted almost 100 followers even while still in Beta mode.

Anyone interested in finding out more should email gerry@raspberryhorse.co.uk

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