Quiet News Day – Episode Three now available for free

FOR those interested who’ve not yet picked it up over at iTunes, the third episode of the Quiet News Day podcast is now available to download for free.

Scott Douglas and myself had the good fortune to have Stewart Argo, media manager at City of Edinburgh Council join us in the pod, bringing us up to speed with the aspirations and challenges they face embracing social media as a tool.

Those who know Stewart will already be aware of his keen interest in the subject, and it is good to hear some frank talking about how public sector bodies are wrestling with the opportunities new tech brings with that of their own responsibilities.

Given that we’re just three episodes in, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the positive comments coming our way, and far more so by the number of people already starting to follow us on Twitter.

Of course the podcast, seasonal flu, imminent parenthood and my day job means there’s been not quite as much time for bogging here as usual, but I expect to get back into the swing of it too.

I’m also tempted to try out Typepad’s new micro-blogging offering to this platform while I’m at it, but having just set up on Tumblr for all my non meeja ramblings, I’ll have to have a play about with it first.

Meanwhile tomorrow Scott and I will be back recording the next episode of QND with what is – I think – a particularly interesting chat with our guest of the week already in the bag.

Watch out for the updates on the QND Twitter updates for more. 

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