More of the write stuff from former Daily Record man Bob Dow

MUCH has been said about Trinity Mirror on this blog over the years. 

Sometimes praiseworthy, but more often than not some kind of ill-judged invective about job cuts affecting former colleagues.

It’s a difficult balancing act.

After all, I actually admire how the company is pushing ahead investing in new technology which should stand it and its news titles in good stead for the future.

They have many good people with some excellent ideas. 

But I have always found it difficult to square how such ambition can be matched by reducing its experienced staff who could help make the best, better.

I don’t envy senior managers the choices they face, though. 

The demands their own jobs require, the economic puzzles they have to solve, the horrific task of telling colleagues of many years that they are stripping them of their jobs, their income and perhaps even their careers.

But none of what I’ve said before could match the words of Bob Dow, a former colleague from my days at the Daily Record, and perhaps one of the best journalists I’ve ever had the pleasure to see in action.

He was one of those cut during the aforementioned balancing acts. Screen shot 2009-11-11 at 11.29.51

But his reasoning and his clarity of thought in this piece on Allmediascotland is enlightening and balanced, and something to ponder.

And it’s great to see he has moved on.

Although perhaps he could clarify one point about Q10: was Woofie the real name, or did some journalistic licence amend it right at the start?

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