New heraldscotland website is launched

THE official launch of the new single url heraldscotland website officially went live today, though anyone who visited over the weekend would have had a sneak preview.

And I, personally, like it.

Using something called the Alex editorial content system, it aims to pull together the old Herald and Sunday Herald sites in one place.

Screen shot 2009-09-07 at 06.41.57 I was never a fan of the old sites. The one used by the Sunday Herald was dire.

Hard to navigate, ugly, neither did anything to inspire the reader to stay.

So despite everything else that has gone on at the stable, at least there appears to be some progress online.

While you will no doubt find far more technical critiques of the new £1 million venture, to me the most important thing for me is the look.

It's bright, vivid, well laid out with plenty of tabs, good content ordering and plenty use of images.

Advertising isn't (yet) in your face and all the usual suspects (search functions,  sign-in boxes) are in appropriate places.

They have also included space for some of their proposed multimedia content which will be most interesting to track.

Screen shot 2009-09-07 at 06.42.19 Included is a video gallery split news, sport and other, which could benefit from some kind of cover flow.

But also an audio gallery offering up sportscasts, bizcasts, polcast and, would you believe, culturecasts.

A nice touch is the day in pictures file, doing exactly what it suggests.

While in a clear sign it hopes to bag loyal users, also a simply to use guide for hooking up to news feeds, alerts, Twitter and so on.

Content, of course, will be crucial.

But on the face of it this appears to me to show some desire to move in the right direction.

The more Scottish publishers are prepared to put into the web, the more we will all get from it, as long as they remember that they should work in tandem with print products, not replace them.

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