Congratulations to Holyrood Partnership as they tee up prestigious awards nomination

THE world of PR is one that intrigues me. I know so many people who do it, see so many of their end results, yet wonder just how many people living in the real world are aware of the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.

My chums over at Holyrood Partnership are a case in point. From my vantage point in our multi-media editorial suite away from the flacks, we watch as they beaver away on project after project while we construct the real news.

Two art forms which as so similar and yet, so very different. But the objective remains the same – getting as much coverage in the papers, online and on TV as possible.

So I was delighted to learn that they have been shortlisted for a prestigious award for a three-month long campaign for the US Kids Golf European Championships in East Lothian earlier this year.

At the time I ribbed the team mercilessly about spending all their days on the golf course while we on the news team chipped away at the coal-face of truth, wondering just how hard a life it could be, really.

But then I saw the results generated, and couldn't help but be impressed.

So congratulation to the team who will find out whether they are judged deserving of the award for all their efforts from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations next month.

Assuming they aren't back on the first green, of course.

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