Jim Traynor’s all hot air – and it’s compelling listening

JIM Traynor isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some like him, others loathe him. 

But as the saying goes, no-one can really ever ignore him. 

After all, he is the all powerful sports chief at Daily Record/Sunday Mail towers, not to mention his constant appearances on the BBC.

Which is what attracted my attention on the drive home last night as I listened to his dulcet tones on BBC Radio Scotland.

Joining him on Sportsound were Michael Grant from the Sunday Herald, Tom English of Scotland on Sunday and Rob Shorthouse of SFA comms fame – soon to be head media honcho at Strathclyde Polis.

And do you know what? It was brilliant stuff, really energetic, navel gazing at the Scottish media – honest, robust and picky.

Like sitting in a pub taking cheap pot shots at people, talking about football and trying to put one over on others with the hot topics of the day.

It was brilliant stuff for an otherwise drab drive home.

Jim revealed that he keeps a ledger of every back page printed – a kind of 'I told you so' record to bash reporters, editors and rivals with, while admitting that he feels the Daily Record gets picked on because of its place in society.

Tom English was refreshingly honest about his dealings with the power-brokers in sport, Michael Grant pulled few punches with his views on the way stories are portrayed, while Rob Shorthouse came clean about the dark arts of PR spinnery.

It struck me that there are too few chances to talk about the media in the way they did last night. It was thoroughly entertaining stuff for anybody involved in Scottish papers, be it news or sport.

But then again, I still miss the likes of Angus MacLeod and Alan Cochrane reviewing the papers on GMS, so what do I know.

It is – for a limited time only – still available for listening on the BBC's iPlayer by clicking here

If you've nothing better to do, it really is well worth a listen.

Just don't tell the big pussy cat that I said so.

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