DailyRecord.co.uk bans readers from commenting about Old Firm online

THE Scottish media has had an often fraught relationship with the Old Firm be it with the clubs themselves, their players, officials or fans.

Probably none more so than the Daily Record given that it was until recently the best selling daily paper in Scotland before being deposed by the Scottish Sun, and consequently the one that carried the most gravitas.

Football – in general – would appear to remain a real driver for it online as a glance at the stats for its football podcast would no doubt convey.

So it came as something of a surprise to learn that it has now banned all online comments on stories relating to either Celtic or Rangers.

In a post today it states: "Some of our commenters have turned what should be a fun, friendly forum for debate into a snarling pit of sectarianism.

"And it's not something we here at DailyRecord.co.uk want or will tolerate."

Explaining the decision, the blog blames "a small but determined bunch of bams within both side's support who were determined to spoil it for everyone else".

It also states that suspensions and warnings had failed to stop what it calls "the die-hard bampot sections of the support" from littering areas of the site with inappropriate or sectarian comment.

A "substantial" number of user accounts were said to have been suspended over the weekend.

The post added that it hoped to one day restore the comments section.


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