Online cheer for Johnston Press – but all eyes on interim report

JOHNSTON Press publishes its interim results today after a slight dip in the share price yesterday ahead of what is expected to be a mixed bag for investors.

But the latest ABCe figures suggest at least some crumbs of comfort, online.

In February it was one of six major regional publishers to sign up for a six month audit which puts it very firmly at top of the pile.

The opening half of the year has seen it attract 6,864,820 unique users from its collection of 323 websites.

This includes an average monthly of 2,172,598 unique users for

But while the growth online, compared with the contraction in print sales, is welcome it will mean very little unless the company can deliver any cause for hope in terms of advertising revenues when it holds its 9am conference call.

Its interim management statement is expected to follow at Noon today.

Some within Barclay House  suggest that rather than focussing on any potential sale of The Scotsman, the more pressing question may be what the long term future holds for Scotland on Sunday.

The share price will open at 34.76p.

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