New 3am showbiz site can see Trinity Mirror online star rise

SHOWBIZ sells, we are told in newspaperland.

So it will be interesting to see just how the all new 3am site launched by the Mirror today can do. 

It does seem a sure fire way to help boost Trinity Mirror's global ABCe figures.

The only surprise is that it took so long to do.  

Back in 2000 when the original 3am team was set up by Richard Wallace and Piers Morgan, it created an immediate buzz.

So much so many students signing up to journalism courses said they aspired to be part of the 3am team which has been loved and loathed in not quite equal measure.

I was still working at the Mirror at the time.

Watching as Jessica Callan and Eva Simpson and their team hold court at the far end of the office was always good sport, the Editor and Head of News spending as much time there as they did on the newsdesk.


And it was easy to see why. They simply knew they had a hit – launched as it was I'm pretty sure on my birthday, July 3 – and soon aped but never really bettered by others handing them the biggest compliment they could get.

Trinity Mirror clearly have a masterplan with these stand alone sites, including the new mirrorfootball website launched just a coule of weeks back. 

And it seems a clever way to attract advertising online too.

But while the footie site still has a few issues to deal with in terms of non English Premiership content, it does have some very interesting features to engage the reader, lots of areas to keep them logged on.

And if the 3am site – which doesn't have to deal with the same tribal lines as its football brother-site does – can harvest the same kind of interest with its breaking news 'bleats', 3am 'in a flash' and video, it should be compelling to use.

Just as interesting will be how the Sun's team over at Bizarre will react.

I suspect it could very well be a good time to be a pap or reporter with a good showbiz tale to punt these next few months.

It's the 3am podcasts I'm looking forward to though …. surely?

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