Now you can get Scottish Daily Record podcasts straight to your ayePod

A NEWSPAPER may not seem the most obvious candidate for a potential chart topper – but step forward the Scottish Daily Record.

They've been playing with podcasts for some time and have now just been accepted onto Apple's all conquering list on iTunes.

And that could see them with a shock smash hit on their hands.

They built up a steady audience quietly last year through their football podcasts which had the likes of radio veterans Jim Traynor and Hugh Keevins pitted against Keith Jackson and co for some mild mannered banter, and the odd on air spat.

Picture 1

But with the demise of football debate after the collapse of Setanta and now an ex-pat community to appeal to, it could just see them soar into the iTunes top 10 when Saturday comes next month.

However fitba aside, the one that tickled me most was Joan Burnie's agony aunt podcast, slugged under the category: sexuality.
Picture 3

Joan's been at the Record since it first printed in 1895, and probably still remembers the time it had its best ever sale of 743,000 copies (so says wiki) way back in 1983.

And she is, as far as I'm aware, the only person in the paper's history to have a band named after her – the Just Joans.

The fact that she is leading the online charge along with the veteran sports writers proves that you really can teach old dogs new tricks.

And with Bev Lyons among those working across the titles in what are to become dedicated multi-media journalists, along with the rest of the news team, we might just be about to see the new guard start catching up too. 

(JINGS! It seems a few people have read more into this post than meets the eye. As I understand it every reporter on Daily Record/Sunday Mail duty is now expected to file copy for dedicated use across the title and web. Given that this is T in the Park weekend, it's a fair bet we'll see a lot of stuff from the music team, not least Bev who's been at the forefront of the showbiz stuff online along with John Dingwall. Jeez. Folk are so sensitive these days. Hopefully this make it clear. Bev is not a web only journalist. But boy is she dedicated).

The new shift rotas that will see staff on the Daily Record and Sunday Mail look like they should kick off around Monday, seeing staff work across both titles.

And with he new 'hubs' in place after a fraught couple of months, it seems the digital revolution at Central Quay is certainly now gathering pace.

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2 replies

  1. I’m sure that the Record’s circulation actually got over the 800.000 mark.
    Fraser Ballantyne

  2. Even more bizarrely my brother plays keyboards in the Just Joans which shows what a small world it is.
    Hopefully with the help of the talented digital team at the Record a B7 podcast might appear over the next few months.

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