SNS Group ‘Knuckles’ down with Stuart Nicol signing coup

ACROSS all the newspapers I've ever worked for, the picture editor I enjoyed working with the most was Stuart Nicol.

He's not everyone's cup of tea, but I liked his frankness, energy and can think of few who could select the image from a choice of thousands ranged in front of him when picture editor at the Daily Record.

The big guy was good enough to give me the Royal tour of Telegraph towers when down in London a couple of years ago and explain its extraordinary transformation into a multi-media centre that is now a role model for others.

Now it seems another top class outfit is to get the 'Knuckles' treatment.

Word has it that the SNS Group, probably Scotland's biggest independent photography outfit, has signed Stuart up as Director of Operations.

He'll be working with directors Jeff Holmes and Jim McCann, two of the sharpest blokes you'll ever have the pleasure in meeting, to develop the company's strategy over the coming years.

During the Planet Ink project I was involved in, I got to know Jim and Jeff pretty well and was always full of admiration for the work they did and the plans they had for the future.

Adding Stuart to the mix can only enhance that and is a clear sign of their ambition and, if I was a betting man, their multi-media aspirations for the future.

They'll make a helluva team.

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