Newspaper are dead? Don’t you believe it.

IT'S all getting a bit tiresome all this chat about newspapers dying on their back-ends.

Sure, paid for readers might be an ever decreasing circle, but there is plenty of fight in those working on the titles and their web siblings to make sure they've got the top tales that might just lure them in.

This week we saw the mother of all bunfights in Falkirk which saw the Daily Record and Scottish Daily Mail emerge victorious with a buy up  of the first couple in the UK to be confirmed with swine flu, Iain and Dawn Askham.

Whether or not the end result merited the rumoured £8000 per paper doesn't really matter. It was the story of the day and sharper elbows (and deeper pockets) prevailed.

A great result all round.

But not to be outdone, the Scottish Sun pulled of a coup of its own, a front page splash from Alan Preston the Scots oil worker kidnapped and shot in Nigeria, telling his nightmare story about his ordeal.

Good, old fashioned tabloid newspapers slugging it out punch for punch in print and online.

Yet there's more.

Word has it that the Scottish Mail on Sunday and Scottish News of the World are sharing the rights to Magdeline Makola's story about being abducted in a car boot and left for dead by Justice Ngema who admitted the crime in court last week.

If true, another good tabloid tale that any editor would be only to pleased to have.

And of course the continuing infatuation with Susan Boyle which is seeing video, photos and copy in huge demand even still.

Newspapers may be under pressure, but it seems to me that there's still plenty fire in the belly yet.

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