Ian Down finally bows out of Daily Record

A GREAT turnout on Friday night to wave goodbye to reporter Ian Dow, leaving the Daily Record after 26 years.

Many of his colleagues – Amy Devine, Gordon McIlwraith, Jack Mathieson, Chris Mooney, Lynn Davidson, Drew Allan among those saying cheerio.

But so too old acquaintances, Chris Watt, Rob Fairbairn, Brian McCartney, Noel Miller, Ruth Macleod, Scott Douglas amid the others,

Despite the circumstances, the mood was good and the night long, with rumours of one manly newsdesk operative sporting a ladies scarf in the wee small hours as he bit some moves on the dancefloor.

And at the speeches his departure was summed up simply and honestly. Ian's leaving has nothing to do with journalism, and everything to do with finances.

The same night saw a bash in Glasgow for Norma Dewar, leaving the Record newsdesk all the poorer for her departure.

Sadly for me, I couldn't make it, but one colleague paid a tribute I think all who know her would share: "She was the best newsdesk secretary I've ever worked with."

Good luck to them both. 

And let's hope there is an end in sight this week as the company and unions get back around the table.

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