It’s the Scottish Sun wot won it

THEY said it would never happen – but it has – the Scottish Sun takes the Scottish Press Awards gong for Newspaper of the Year.

Frankly, they wuz robbed last year. So no-one should have any truck with the fact that they have finally scooped the top gong.

Of course there was doubt that David Dinsmore and his team of Alan Muir and co would ever be given the official recognition their efforts in becoming the best selling daily newspaper in Scotland richly deserve.

But now that they've killed that monkey on their back, boy will they enjoy it.

Say what you like about the 'Tartan' edition of the paper. Accuse it of buying sales, accuse it of piggy backing on the London edition. Say what you want.

But it and its news, sports and ad teams have earned the accolade.

And it does so on the eve of a three day strike at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail.

A strike attacking everything that has gone wrong at the Trinity Mirror title.

While the gang from Queen's Street should rightly be dancing in the lanes until the wee small hours even they will admit the secret to their success has in part been down to Trinity Mirror's abject failure to adapt quickly or decisively enough.

Great journalism is no longer the preserve of Central Quay. The Scottish Sun has proven that.

As the journalists manning the picket lines outside the former best selling, former newspaper of the year and its sister Sunday, they would do well to reflect on what now?.

Journalism as well as slick marketing has helped the Scottish Sun achieve what it has.

Mark Hollinshead and co can whisper about ABC this and NUJ that all they want.

But the simple fact is this.

The Daily Record was Scotland's best selling newspaper.

Now it's the Scottish Sun.

The Daily Record was newspaper of the year.

Now it's the Scottish Sun.

The Scottish Sun and Scottish News of the World will bring out fully staffed versions of their titles this weekend.

The Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail won't – can't – because it's staff are on a three day strike which has drawn support from the NUJ, Scottish Labour, SNP, Tories, STUC and more including those who boycotted last night's gongs.

And suddenly it seems as if Scottish journalism will never, ever be the same again.

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