Iain Hepburn Wins Digital Gong At Press Awards

IAIN Hepburn of the Scottish Daily Record has won the first digital journalism prize at the Scottish Press Awards.

And quite bloody right too.

He has helped drag its once sorry arsed, piss poor web offering out of the internet sewer and turn it into something less foul-mouthed.

Stats have gone through the roof and his blank expression of 'don't be so bloody stupid' must surely now be registering with those in management who even try to understand his Jedi like capacity for online.

If only he had a budget, staff and the co-operation of colleagues, who knows what he may be able to achieve with the site.

Maybe now someone else will swoop and he'll get the chance.

It might be a brave new world they are ushering in at the Trinity Mirror titles, the web might become the future.

But like the rest of them , you can't help but notice the supposed saviours of the group are swimming against a tide of couldn't care less.

Which must surely make his achievement all the more remarkable.

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2 replies

  1. Hmm, not sure if the blank expression is that or just me genuinely being blank…
    Thanks for your kind words, Shaun. Very much a team effort though, and an award that goes as much to everyone here at the Record and on DailyRecord.co.uk & SundayMail.co.uk as it does me.
    We couldn’t have the success we’ve had if it wasn’t for the cooperation of the paper and the editorial team, the hard work and commitment of the digital team and the bedrock of a good paper to build on.
    And much credit too to Bev Lyons for the runner-up award. To claim a 1-2 is a huge credit to everyone involved, and Bev’s brought a breezy and energetic style to the webvideos that’s proved a hit with the viewers.

  2. Indeed, a deserved win for Iain and hopefully more Scottish papers might sit up now and see what online can offer existing and new readers – it’s scandalous that so few of the Scottish titles (including the Scottish editions of English papers) have dedicated web teams – or hell, any sort of web teams.

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