Even More Changes At Daily Record

THE Scottish Daily Record has undergone yet more changes – only this time it appears to be for the betterment of the product.

The website at dailyrecord.co.uk has had something of a revamp making it far more functional and easier to use.

The main splash page has a wide, Flash pane with the top headlines with improved navigation through the tabs up top.

So too a new home for links to TwitterFacebook and at last a link to the podcasts via iTunes which cold be one of the smartest moves.

The podcasts, especially the Scottish Football Podcast are already driving huge traffic so the new home might just help cash in.

It seems a shame to have a large advert on the right hand side above what would be the traditional news 'fold' when it would be better served hosting video which is relegated down the page.

But given that it has commercial considerations, you can hardly blame them for giving some prominence to the few advertisers that have signed up.


Further down the page and neatly stacked columns again vastly improve the usability while there are options for mobile, RSS, sitemap and more.

The best thing about the improvements unveiled on Monday, however, is that they have been done in a way that retains the best of the last generation too.

It appears at least at first glance something of a triumph for online editor Iain Hepburn  and digital editorial director Ewan Watt, which should be of some cheer to Managing DirectoMark Hollinshead and editor-in-chief Bruce Waddell.

Like everything else these days, though, the proof will be in the next set of eagerly awaited corresponding ABCe numbers.

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