Now A New Deadline Every Day

IT'S been a tad quiet around here for the past few days, so apologies, but it's all down to an exciting new project that I've been working on.

Monday saw my first day working as Consultant Managing Editor with Deadline Press & Picture Agency based in Edinburgh.

The new role sees me trying to marry some newspaper and digital experience with the tried and tested news agency format while making a greater push on Deadline's video content, exploiting its groundbreaking website and helping set up a new features department.

It's been an enjoyable couple of days so far meeting the impressive young team, tweaking a few daily working practices and planning a few strategic changes which should extend the reach of the company by exploiting new opportunities – more of which later.

Between travelling cross-country, house-hunting and getting to grips with a PC after a decade using Macs, it hasn't left much in the way of time for blogging or thanking all those who've left me best wishes via text, email, Twitter and Facebook.

But it's been a great opportunity to catch up with some blasts from the past on news desks across the country who are making it clear that there is still PLENTY going on behind the scenes in media land.

So plenty to catch up on soon enough….

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  1. Congrats on the gig. Be interesting to see what develops from this.

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