Mike Graham Is All Talk (Sport, That Is)

CAUGHT up with my former Scottish Daily Mirror editor Mike Graham yesterday as he was shooting the breeze with assembled journalists from the London Standard in a nearby pub, not a touch of Russian vodka in sight.

And while its new owner Alexander Lebedev may have been top of the agenda for discussion as he looks to set up a new top team for the paper, it seems Mike had some career news of his own.

He's gone an got himself signed up with an agent to promote his radio star. 

First order has been setting up a new Facebook Group for his Independent Republic of Mike Graham show, which he managed to import from the failed Edinburgh speech radio station talk107 all the way down to talkSPORT.

So far it's attracted 148 members – including those missing his dulcet tones in Edinburgh – as he tries to kickstart topics to include on the show via the discussion boards.

Which prompted a little side bet. 

If as a result of this blog post he gets an extra 20 members by close of play today, he buys me a pint; a further 50 members and it becomes a good bottle of wine; 100 or more it is supposed to be champagne. 

So even if you don't know him, better still if you do, sign up to his Facebook page so we can get him to put his hand in his pocket for once. Assuming of course that he isn't just all talk and welches on the bet.

The show – which has been running since August now – is on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning 1am – 6am. If for any reason you are up at that hour, you can listen into his haverings live online here.

But don't ask any difficult questions if you phone in. 

He'll just refer you to his agent.

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2 replies

  1. How do we get rid of that twit Nigel of Maidenhead and his stupid organ….I switch off as soon as he appears.

  2. If he gets 200, will he buy me a bottle of champagne as well?

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