The Guardian Plans March On Scotland

IT seems that plans have been hatched by senior executives at The Guardian to launch an assault on Scotland as part of a wider reaching deployment targeting regions across the UK.

In a similar vein to its highly successful United States web pages, it appears the group hopes to introduce a series of pages on tailored to specific audiences.

Edinburgh seems the most likely Scottish candidate for the online 'village' pages, with the likes of Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool potential targets too.

If a success, more will follow.

The idea has been floating around for some time, but now they have been installed in their purpose built offices in London and with the Edinburgh International Festival fast approaching, it seems efforts are being cranked up a notch.

Quite how the news will be received by an already beleagured 'quality' papers in Scotland remains to be seen.

But they better get their defences in place quickly, or face a title rising in the same manner that the Scottish editon of The Times has quietly managed to achieve, squeezing their markets even further.

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2 replies

  1. Village People pages might be worse…

  2. Is it me or does calling it village not sound incredibly patronising?

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