Dynamic Duo Back On The PR Beat

THERE has been
some great crime fighting double acts over the years.

Batman and Robin; Cagney and Lacey; Bodie and Doyle.

But my favourite
was always the old crack PR team over at Lothian & Borders Police HQ.

Noel Miller and
Ruth MacLeod.

Courteous, truthful
and respected the nation over, they represented the finest form of press and
media relations.

It was truly
heartbreaking when they split.

 Yet who could
blame them?

A new broom came
in and wanted a clean sweep, engendered a culture of fear and mistrust,
clandestine spy operations and one by one the star team left rather than be
treated so badly.

It didn’t matter
that they had nothing to go to.

They still had
their pride.

Our dynamic duo
knew they could walk the mean streets of Edinburgh with their heads held high.

While Lothian &
Borders stumbled from one PR catastrophe in their absence to another.

Don’t believe me?
Well check out former crime correspondent Stephen Rafferty’s The Police Box  blog.

Yet while L&B has struggled to re-adjust, while their every move has been
scrutinized, what of our heroes?

Milne Media is
delighted to reveal that, as of now, they are officially back together.

Oh yes. Thank you,
thank you. Enough applause. There will be plenty time for that later.

Ruth has been
working for the super slick City of Edinburgh Council media department for some
time now.

And now she has been joined by our man Miller who is helping out on a short term
basis, at least.

So expect extra
super efficiency, common sense PR and a friendly voice on the end of an inquiry
and, of course, answer you can believe in.

Ruth and Noel back
in the job. Now that’s just Capital.

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