Getty Pulls Plug On Citizen Journalism Agency Scoopt

GLASGOW based 'citizen journalism' photo-agency Scoopt is closing it's doors just two years after being bought out by Getty Images.

The agency – which took non professional images and sold them on – will stop accepting submissions at the end of this week with the website shutting down on March 6.

It brings to an end one of the UK's most innovative journalism ideas for a long time from a pitch born way back in 2005 by Kyle Macrae and a lot of hard work from a team who worked night and day to get it off the ground.

Picture 6

Significant successes included coverage from the London terror attacks and Concorde on fire as punters uploaded their images in return for a 50/50 split of revenue share.

Getty spokeswoman Molly McWhinnie told AFP that the company wanted to focus on its "core" products, although claimed to remain interested in CJ images. All rights for the images will revert back to their original owners.

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